4 Top Benefits Of Primer

4 Top Benefits Of Primer

Primer is the layer of lightly colored paint that goes over the surface before you apply the decided paint color. When painting your home, don’t forget to apply primer. This sounds like painting the surface double the time for small effort, however primer has many benefits, mostly if you want long-lasting paints for homes. Following are some amazing benefits of primer.

Better Paint Adhesion

Adhesion means how efficiently paint sticks to a wall. Different surfaces can have a strong effect on how well paint keep on, dries, and survives without removing in future. Primer help the paint to adhere on the surface. It means that you paint layer are less likely to remove over time. This is particularly important when you are painting surfaces that do not interact well with the average house paint. There are many types of primer in market, based on paint what you are using on the surface and how likely the surface is to be touched. Do a little research or contact paint service in Karachi.

Painting Over Dark Colors

If you select the dark color primer and paint over it with a similar shade or a dull color, then the dark color beneath continues to show through, even after many layers of paint. Primer is made to avoid this problem by applying a white layer that hides the darker color more effectively, especially when switching to a lighter color. Primer is usually required for the proper appearance in these cases.

Better Paint Durability

Primer will help ensure that your paint will last for long period of time due to its adhesion properties. It can also block more vulnerable surfaces and stop moisture from causing damage under the paint, increasing the life of the new paint layer. If you are painting your entire home then we recommend that you always plan on using primer to assure long-lasting paint or make sure you do not need primer by consulting with professionals.

Better Appearance

Primer can work as a concealer, it can hide the characteristics on new walls or ceilings that you may want to hide, things like joints, seams, knots in the wood, and natural blemishes that can visible through, when using light paint color.

Situations Where You Don’t Need Primer

If you are using a dark paint to a light surface, you may not need to use primer. Some paints are also there that mix a primer with the paint, designed for use on more “friendly” materials like new drywall, which can deny the requirement for an extra primer layer.

While putting down a layer of primer is necessary, if you are still confused or have questions about whether you need primer, how many layers of primer you should use, or just what kind of primer to get for best result. Just call paint service company and we can help you find the right plan of action for you.

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