Some Effective Tips For Painting A Ceiling

Some Effective Tips For Painting A Ceiling

Some people don’t like to paint the ceiling because it make your back hurt or pain in the neck. If you are thinking about painting your ceilings, you probably pass some time heightening your neck and gaze up to examine how much space you have for ceiling, think about how to do it? you don’t have to worry because here are some right tips for people trying out their own DIY project.

Clear A Space

When you are painting a ceiling, remove the furniture from the room, it just gets in the way! clear a space and clean up. Before start painting ensure that your ceiling does not have dirt and also doesn’t have any decor.

Protect Your Floors And Edges

Canvas to the edges of your floor to ensure it’s secured from any wilful drips that you don’t want to happen after you have painted the walls. If you don’t want to streak paint on the walls that have different color, ceiling fixtures for lights or fans, trim that reaches to the ceiling so tape off the edges to protect them against the ceiling paint. Also apply primer because it’s more susceptible to moisture seeping down from the floors.

Divide The Ceiling Into Small Spaces

When you are getting ready to paint, get used to dividing your ceiling into smaller spaces. Don’t apply one long line of paint over the whole ceiling at a time. By doing so you actually get poor results. Its better to paint in large pieces and progress naturally across the ceiling as you go.

If you are using the same color for your ceiling and walls, so it’s also optimistic to cut in the edges and corners of your space. Immediately do this before you start roller.

Choose The Right Rollers

Choose the roller that have lightweight cages and easy to hold, your back will thank you! While some ceilings can be painted with a ladder, and some will need a roller extender, so keep that in mind when you are buying supplies. for rougher surfaces use a longer naps on a roller, so plan appropriately.

Use Proper Rolling Techniques

As we mentioned before, painting in small sections, depending on your reach and how close you are to the ceiling. Roll the paint slowly, applying equal pressure as you go, the faster you roll, the more splatter you will create. For the next strip, ensure there’s a small overlap with the wet paint, which can help prevent marks from showing up. You don’t have to make your painting lines perfectly straight! That can literally finish up looking unnatural. Just spend your time as you go.

Apply A Second Coat If Necessary

Ceiling paint coat may look completely different after it dries, mostly taking into account sunlight and ceiling lights. Wait for the paint to dry and check how it looks under multiple conditions. Apply a second coat if you needed. You can also contact paint service company to get better option.

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