6 Signs Your Toilet Needs To Be Replaced

6 Signs Your Toilet Needs To Be Replaced

Do toilets ever get exhausted? Absolutely not. The tank and bowl of your toilets are designed in such a way that they can last for many years. But, some other parts such as the seat, toilet tank, bolt, lids, and handle of flush may need regular maintenance, repair and replacement. Anyhow, there are some unavoidable causes why you may consider replacing your old toilet.

Below are some warning signs you may need to look out for.

Your Toilet Gets Blocked Frequently

Well, let’s face it, almost every homeowner will love to avoid a blocked toilet. While they occur on a random case and are unavoidable, an old toilet may likely experience blockages too often. If you experience blockage more than once a week then you should consider getting a new toilet.

Visible Cracks Are Seen In Your Tank

If you see water around your toilet you might need to check for cracks in your porcelain. Even though the toilet may be working just fine, constant leaks from your toilet can cause a lot of damage, including floor damage and also mildew growth in your toilet area. Check for cracks in the bowl of the toilet or the tank to get them replaced quickly. If you are not sure about the presence of cracks in your toilet so you can apply the dye in the water of the tank to check for cracks. You can contact professional plumbing contractors in Karachi.

Difficulty When Flushing

Well, immoderate or chronic blockage is not only linked to the issue of sewer line. Some older toilets with narrow drain may not be too practical for the use of larger family. But, if you are still facing flushing issue even after the parts have been repaired so it might be a sign of the need for a new toilet.

Internal Leakages In Your Toilet

Your utility bills can increase due to internal leaks, which might be enough for the replacement of new toilet. Even though various internal leaks can be fixed easily by replacing different parts of flushing, as time passes, the availability and quality of these flushing part might reduce significantly.

Frequent Toilet Repairer

If you have fixed your toilet on different instance, it may be a sign to buy a new toilet, as the price that will be used for repairs may cost more.

Frequent Wobbling

If your old toilet often wobbles, it may be a warning sign that toilet needs to be replaced. Although a wobbling toilet might indicate a little bit plumbing problem, some cases may signify a big issue, which may need a new toilet installation.

However, installation of a new toilet will help to lessen the following risk:

Lower infected and sewer waste flow.

Reduce discomfort

Increase the aesthetic look of your bathroom.

Prevent the need for costly clogs, leaks and repairs

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