Signs That Your Generator Needs Maintenance

Signs That Your Generator Needs Maintenance

Load shedding and power breakdowns occur especially during summer season, therefore if you have generator so it is important that it is in working condition, or if not so you have to get generator home service Karachi. In Pakistan, during summers generators can make life comfortable and also being a lifeline during emergencies. However, it needs to be maintained to do its job properly. Some people don’t know about the signs signifying that a generator might need proper maintenance. Following are some signs that show your generator need maintenance.

Worn Out Electrical Components

The most important signs of a generator that require maintenance are worn out or damaged electrical components. These might contain bare wires, broken connections, or even a loose ignition start.

These problems can lead to major problems. If you notice these problems so contact with generator repair and maintenance to get your unit inspected. The examination process should contain a thorough look and stress test of the wires, buttons and other electrical elements of your generator. If any of them show even the slightest signs of damage, it should be repaired promptly.

The professionals should also check the voltage of your unit’s battery to ensure that it is up to mark. A battery with a lower or greater output than required can put undue stress on your unit’s wire and lead to numerous other issues.

Fluid Leakage

Any engine leaks either it is generator’s or cars’s. While it is absolutely a cause for concern, however these problems can be avoid by proper and timely care maintenance.

Leaks can spring into oil tubes, fuel tanks, or even coolant pipes. For any puddle you should check regularly around it and if you observe anything so its might be time to call a generator home service Karachi.

Trouble Starting Up

When generators become dead for long time its battery become dry, make clogs to form in pipes, or damage any other parts of your engine. While running, If your generator is having a difficult time starting up or even missing so maintained your generator. This is especially the case in rainy days or during monsoon.

Fuel Problems

If you haven’t operated your generator for many days, there might be clogs in your engine or old fuel in your system. This bad fuel can lead to mud forming in the tank, ultimately impeding your generator’s seamless function.


If your generator’s output is not working or is all-out non-existent, the generator’s motor might need to be checked. One main problem that can lead to generators not producing electricity is demagnetization of its motor.

This can not be fix without professional, so we suggest hiring professional help from generator services companies in Karachi for a quick and cost-effective generator maintenance.

Unusual Noises and Smells

While it is normal for generators to be noisy and smell of smoke while running, any unusual sounds or repulsive smells might mean that something is wrong with your generator. You should turn off your generator quickly and contact a professional for help getting to the root of the smell and noise and decrease the risk of creating potentially hazardous conditions.

Lack of gasoline is not only the reason your generator isn’t working properly. You should hire professional generator repairing services in Karachi for your generator maintenance.

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