Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

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Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

Signs That Your Car Battery Needs Replacement

On the road your car is your trusted partner. Battery is the important element that powers the heart of your car. The battery is the one of the important part of a car. Without it your car would not perform any of its functions. It will show critical signs when not working properly to alert the driver that it requires a replacement.

Some of these signs might not be noticed to the average drivers. Therefore we are discussing some of the important warning signs of a dying battery.

Electrical Component Not Working Properly

Is your radio not playing properly as before?maybe your headlights are getting weak or your car window take time to wind down? . These signs could be an indication that your car battery need replacement or is close to dying.

This is equivalent to using dying batteries in a torchlight. If the batteries are running out of juice the torchlight will probably flicker on and off, and give off a dimmer light. Other electronic components like power seats, break lights, dashboard lights and windshield wipers can also be affected. If you find these component failing then it is important to get your car bettery replaced by automotive service company in Karachi.

Corrosion And Bad Smell

Do you even detect a bad smell from your vehicle? if yes, there is a high chance that your car battery is leaking. Corrosion around the battery terminal is the another sign of a leaking battery. Corrosion also affect the flow of current of the battery to the rest of the vehicle. It can also be cleaned because it is a temporary solution to the problem.

Another important thing about a leaking battery is that the acid can damage or eat away at other parts of engine which will cost you more money to replace.

Problem Starting Your Car

Another sign of a failing car battery is a slow engine start. This means your car take a longer time to start up. If you find difficulties while starting your car so visit best car mechanic in Lahore as soon as possible to have the battery replaced.

However if your engine does not start at all then it is a sign that your car battery is dead. When that happens, it will make a clicking noise instead. If this situation happen so it is suitable to call a tow truck and have your car delivered to a workshop.

Warning Light On The Dashboard

One of the best way to identify a battery issue is to look at a car’s dashboard. Many cars possess accurate indicator that allow drivers to identify fault component in your car. If your car battery is running low, a warning sign usually red in the shape of a battery will light up on your dashboard.

The battery warning light could also indicate a problem with the alternator. It could also indicate problems with the other electronic parts of the car.

Ignoring this sign is often a bad idea. It could cost you over the long run if the problem is not remedied immediately.


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