How To Protect Your Car During A Summer Heat Wave

How To Protect Your Car During A Summer Heat Wave

Summer is practically upon us and it will bring unrelenting heat. As heat affects your efficiency, it will also affects the efficiency of your car. Summer heat wave can have harmful effects not only on humans but also on vehicles. During the months of summer, when temperatures shoot up, it’s necessary that your car is ready for the heat. Precaution is the most effective way to make sure that your vehicle performs well. Below are five important protecting tips for your car during hot weather.

Check Your Battery

Red hot days or summer heat wave are not good for your car battery. Immoderate heat lessen battery life by causing the fluid to evaporate rapidly. So before summer weather start, have your battery checked by online car mechanic Karachi to make sure that it’s in tiptop condition. Also check for any corrosion that build up on the terminals of battery, make sure that they are dust free.

Keep Fluids Topped Off

During the summer months, keep an eye on car fluids as they help to cool down the engine. This includes brake fluid, motor oil, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. A good quality coolant is one of the necessary fluid for your vehicle to get it through the heat. If fluids are low, it’s harder for heat to be carried away from the components of engine.

Has your engine coolant been replaced recently? Remember to inspect the coolant level of your car. Ensure it’s filled up to the appropriate level.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Try to find a shady spot when you are looking for a parking place that’s underground or protected from direct sunlight.

Leave your car windows down an inch or two. You can buy reflective visors that reflect light and make it less clear that your windows are down, for security reasons.

Use A Sun Shade

When you cannot avoid parking in the sun the best idea is to keep a windshield shade on hand for times. Windshield shades help to prevent the damaging effects of sunlight on your car’s interior and also keeps the car interior cool. If you leave your car to bake in the heat, you could result in with an unattractive dried-out and broken dashboard.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean And Protected

Use a detailing material on your car dashboard for protection and to reduce glare. Contact automotive services company in Karachi for car detailing. If you want to keep your car seats cool then use seat covers because they are very useful. If you have leather seats, so in hot weather keep them well-conditioned to prevent cracks.

Sun rays and hot temperatures can damage your car’s exterior. A wax job is a best way to secure your car from heating up excessively.

Tire, Hose and Belt Maintenance

Under inflated tires can be an issue during hot temperature when the roads are very hot, potentially causing a blowout. In hot weather, parts such as hoses and drive belts suffer abnormally because they are made up of rubber. So check them to ensure they’re in tiptop condition with no signs of cracking.

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