Some Pros and Cons of Inverter Generators

Some Pros and Cons of Inverter Generators

The generator companies has evolved so much and now they have adopted advanced technology which gives you higher fuel efficiency. Inverter generator is the latest generators type and with any new development you can expect a few upgrades. These generators are the combination of traditional generator and an inverter. As compared to conventional portable generators, they are more advantageous. However there are many peoples wondering, whether they are the more suitable option. This is because there are mainly two disadvantages, power and price.

Advantages Of An Inverter Generator


In general, inverter generators manufactured with portability. As it is more lightweight with some carrying handles and wheels. Inverter generators tend to have a smaller fuel tank that why it is more portable than conventional fuel-powered portable generators. in inverter generators ,there is no need for a large fuel tank.

Fuel Efficiency

They are more fuel efficient than conventional fuel-powered generators. This explains how the engine runs. The engine runs at 3600 rpm constantly, in a regular portable generator that runs on gasoline. On the other hand, they does not need to run at 3600 rpm to still deliver clean electricity. In this way it is safe for sensitive electrical devices. These generator saves energy that why less fuel is needed and it also reduces the total harmonic distortion.

Noise Level

Conventional generators make more noise than Inverter generators. Most inverter generators generates noise at less than 60 decibels. It is noiseless because of its mechanics and matter of design.

Clean Electricity

These generators are often explains as giving clean electricity. What this implies is that then frequency of these is constant with a minimal harmonic distortion. In graph of the sine waves, these generator generates perfect sine waves free of any clearly visible scratched Scratches. It is safe for connecting it to sensitive electronic devices like medical machines, laptops and mobile phones.

Parallel Capabilities

Many latest models of these generator have parallel capabilities. Though the average inverter generator holds about 2000–4000 watts power, there is a way to double that power by connecting parallel capable inverter generator to a second inverter generator of the same model without needing an extra transfer switch connection. In this way, these generators become an alternative for a home backup generator, with more power.

Disadvantages Of An Inverter Generator


The average inverter generators are less powerful than the average sized conventional generators. Portable generators starts around 4000 watts of power while most generators hold around 2000–4000 watts of power. These might not be powerful enough for a home or heavy duty machinery and tools. However they are more suitable for RVs, outdoor activities and powering a few household appliances during emergencies.


Inverter generators tend to carry a higher price tag compared to the cost of a portable generator. The question is whether you have the budget for it and whether the other perks are worth buying a generator that is less powerful.

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