Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Car

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Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Car

Preventative Maintenance Tips For Your Car.

You should try to maintain your car in tip-top position all year round. But when the season turn, your car’s maintenance becomes mainly necessary.

As the temperature changes, the condition of the roads and your cars changes with them. Preventative maintenance keeps your car from cost-effective and large maintenance in the future by getting free of some basic issues early on.

Most times your car will produce horrible noises, strange smells, or shake while you are driving. And sometimes it many not give any sign that something is wrong. With seasonal preventative maintenance with an automotive service company in Karachi, you can ensure that your car is always running smoothly and does not experience any major issue in the long run.

Here are some tips that need to be addressed during a preventative maintenance process.

Oil Change

Environmental factors like rain, insects, etc can harm the well-being of your car. during summer and spring, debris and dirt can build up in your car, which over time will not only cause faster fluid depletion in your car but also make your car oil dark, murky, and sticky.

When your oil is dirty it become useless. That’s why it is important that you should change your oil every six months or after your car has covered distance of 3,000 to 10,000 miles.

You can also change your oil at home, bringing your car around to a professional auto repair service will guarantee you excellent service. If you want to keep running smooth of your engine so oil change is important. Thick and dirty oil will buildup grime which will keep your parts from working correctly.

Battery Check

Battery tells us about the life of any vehicle. If your vehicle is very old and its battery often not working properly, there is little else your car mechanic can do however recommend you replace the battery. But there are many smaller problems that can be dealt with.

Your battery can experience leaks, buildups and other issues over time that will keep it from starting a vehicle or maintaining a charge.

A best car mechanic in Lahore can fix and clean up your battery problems and make small adjustments with the parts so that it continue to work.


Tires are the most essential parts of seasonal auto maintenance because seasonal changes have a great impact on your tires.

In winter when snow and ice hit to your tires so they provide extra traction to your vehicle. even if you live in a warmer climates, your tires will wear down. This can cause your vehicle to move to one side, cause difficulty in steering. By rotating your tires daily, they will wear down evenly, which will increase the life of your tires and enable your car to move run smoothly.

Basic Tune-Up

If you are confuse that which part of your car need attention so tune-up is an effective way to ensure that your vehicle runs at its maximum capacity. An automotive repair and service company will identify any issue related to engine, battery, brakes and will scan the default codes to make sure you experience smooth running.

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