Some Ways To Prepare Your Car For Winter

Some Ways To Prepare Your Car For Winter

If you are planning to travel with your family to Northern Areas of Pakistan this holiday season, then you need to prepare your car for the winter.

Car accidents occur during winter storms and become the cause of major injury or death. If your car is properly maintained and fully functional for the winter season so you can prevent these accidents. Remember some important things you should consider before taking your car out in the cold. Let’s discuss some ways to prepare your car for winter.

Check Your Battery

Car’s battery can be affected by the cold temperature. The capacity of battery to power your car decreases when the temperatures drop. During winter your car battery needs more current to start that’s why your battery needs to perform at high power.

If you are unaware of how much current your battery is generating, then call auto repair service to get a battery load test. May be your car battery need to be replaced with a new one. If your battery is in good condition, we can clean it up by removing any corrosion on the wires so that you don’t have any problems starting your car.

Check Your Windshield And Change Your Wiper Blades

In winter season, mud and salt continuously sprayed on your windshield from the roads. If your windshield has broken then they will become larger due to the continuous shelling of the elements. it is good to have them fixed by an automotive services company in Karachi.

If your wiper blades are damaged so they would not help you clean your windshield properly. They are absolutely designed to perform well for a year, then they should be replaced to make sure your windshield remains clear.

Check Your Antifreeze

Antifreeze help your engine to prevent from freezing during winters when temperature become very low. Your engine will not burn without antifreeze and allow you helpless on the road.

Mostly, 1:1 is the ratio of antifreeze and water in your radiator. This will stop your radiator from freezing. You can also bring your car to our automotive repair service so that we can help you.

Check Your Tire Pressure

The most important thing you need to check for the winter is that your tires are properly filled. In winter, it is important to check your tire pressure because the air pressure become reduce during the cold weather. For every 10 degrees fall in temperature, your tire pressure can drop about one PSI. If you are not confident how much pressure should be in your tires, check your car’s instruction manual and fill your tires with air.

Change To Winter-Grade Oil

Oil become freeze in cold weather, become thick and not circulate well. And If this happens, your car would not start. That’s why you should consider switching from your regular oil to lower viscosity grade oil. Thin oil help the car to run properly on the road.

Make A Winter Supply Kit

When you are driving in extreme cold weather, the most important thing is an emergency supply kit. If your car meets an unforeseen accident or is stranded, you will require an emergency kit, which contain things such as first-aid kit, blankets, water, food with long shelf life, ice scraper or shovels, and some warm clothing.

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