Is It Time To Replace My Air Conditioner?

Is It Time To Replace My Air Conditioner?

When temperatures climb, an air conditioner can make our life comfortable. But how do you realized that you can no longer rely on your air conditioner system? may be you have noticed that it does not run as efficiently as it used to. Your air conditioner would not last forever like all home appliances. Although you will get a best inning out of a well-maintained system. However it depends on climate, your system and how much you it. A well-maintained and regularly serviced unit will last longer and sometime a well-maintained air conditioner run into problems. In this article we are going to discuss some signs that show you need to replace your air conditioner.

Blowing Hot Or Cold Air

Old air conditioning systems don’t cool or heat. While older units can still produce regular air levels, however the air doesn’t come out cold or hot as per its temperature settings. Sometimes You may experience warm air on a cool setting, if your unit stops producing cool air then its time to investigate. Warm air production might indicate a serious problem like damaged compressor when your unit is set on cooling .

If your unit is producing inconsistent temperatures, this could also be a sign of problem. Your AC should be producing temperatures that are compatible to your setting. If this happens, check for any barrier in your filters, nozzles, drains and coils. But if your unit doesn’t get better, you might need to have it replaced.

Poor Air Flow

Decrease in air flow is the another problem. this sign show that your compressor has lost its efficiency. If your thermostat is set to a desired temperature levels and your home is still warm, then your AC is not working, check filter first to best AC mechanic in Karachi, however it might be time for replacement.

Noisy Operations

Well organized air conditioners run silently. However if you notice some noises, its time to act. Small noises could show problems in the fan, or small internal parts have become loose. But if the noise has grown into a strange rattling,like ticking, grating, screeching, this could indicate a serious problem and might require you to replace your air conditioner.


If your system is giving off unpleasant smell, its simply mean the insulation of your air conditioner’s is damaged. Or that the air produced by your unit is pollute by dirt or mould, which could cause health problems.

Short Cycling

To maintain a set temperature throughout your home it’s quite normal for air conditioners to cycle off and on. But if it randomly switches off and it’s become hard to get it started, or if it’s turning on and off more frequently than normal, your system may fail to function normally.

Sudden Leaking And Moisture

Dripping is normal if it is outside the home, depending on the kind of system you have. However for the most part, your unit should stay waterproof ether it is in use or not. If you observe moisture building up indoors, so your air conditioner might need replacement.

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