Gardening Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Garden Healthy

Gardening Hygiene Tips To Keep Your Garden Healthy

For all budding gardeners, pests and diseases are the main problem in garden when trying to get their gardens in the good condition they can be. Whether you are trying to grow fruits and vegetables in your garden or want to decorate your outdoor space with beautiful flowers and colorful plants, in both condition make sure that your plants are healthy and pests free.

One of the most confuse things that can happen in your garden is when your plant gets a diseases and its become a major headache. Finding out where the disease has come and detecting the increase of diseases can also be harder. Different factors can influence this, like moisture, the climate of your garden, the types of plants and their maintenance. Some factors will not simply in your hands but keeping eye on your garden and regular maintenance will help reduce the problem little bit.

There are some ways that can help you to keep your garden healthy like pruning, tidying up, getting rid of diseased plants and many more. Following are some gardening hygiene tips to keep your plants healthy.

Cut Out Diseases

When you notice any pests and diseases product on your plants, immediately removed it to prevent it spreading to other nearby plants. Also remove roots as soon as possible because any leftover parts can spread the diseases to other plants and flowers.

Careful Composting

After removing diseased plants from your garden, buried away from your plants or disposed of elsewhere. Putting it on your compost heap will grow the disease to other plants and affect your garden. Very hot composting method are important to kill the disease.

Clean Your Tools

Diseases can get in through cuts in your plants just like humans. It is important to clean your tools after cutting diseased plants or removing diseases material, since you do not spread it to healthy plants during maintenance.

Wash Your Hands

Whilst cleaning your tools after removing diseased plant might seem like second nature, washing your hand is often a forgetting thing. Handling diseases plants and avoiding this important step can cause disease to spread in your garden.

Pre-spring Cleaning

The important step is cleaning out the garden at the end of every season because it removes all the diseased plant and dust and prepare the soil for the next season. Clear away any leftover plants, trim back your perennials, and look forward to a clean start next year with garden landscaping Karachi.

Scrub The Greenhouse

At the end of the year, giving the greenhouse a good scrub ensure it remain clean and disease free. Autumn is a good season as it is still mild enough to pop its inhabitants outside and really scrub all the glazing and staging.

Breathing Space

keeping your plants trim and well spaced is important for controlling diseases. Fungal diseases and mold build and survive in damp areas having small ventilation. Close planting can cause infection to grow and it also difficult to control diseases.

Stake’em Up

Staking your plants is a best method to keep them diseases free. Infections and insects spread more easily when plant trail on the ground so it is important to keep them up out of harms way.

Timely Harvest

If you are growing fruits and vegetables, harvesting as soon as they become ripe is necessary for stopping the spread of pests. Rotting fruits and vegetables attract insects and are more susceptible to diseases, which can spread in your whole garden.

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