Is It Feasible To Hear Electricity?

Is It Feasible To Hear Electricity?

The sound of electricity, does anyone hear it? Have you ever noticed any fuzzy buzzing sound coming from an electrical appliance and feel strange, it is possible to hear electricity? some people say that they can “feel” or “hear” electricity in appliances. Maybe your television sound is low, however still you hear that it’s on, or maybe you have observed high up florescent lights or high-voltage power lines discharging a faint buzz.

I think you may not have noticed these sound before, however humming sounds of electricity are all around us if you hear closely and clearly. Even the constant buzzing noise also has its name “mains hum.” While some people find it annoying, others find it sort of soothing, like white noise from a fan.

What Does Electricity Sound Like In Household Appliances?

Why does electricity make sound? actually the buzz we hear is a side effect of electricity. It usually take place when the alternating current pass through an electrical appliance or electrical panel, producing changes in magnetic fields. These magnetic fields cause inner parts of the transformer to vibrate, which is within the reach of human hearing, often at a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz. Generally, electrical appliances that work at a high voltage will make sounds which is able to be heard, on the other hand only, low-voltage items may only be heard by a select few.

Other times, the electricity sound are more obvious. Have you ever been stick to your TV, hearing closely to your popular program due to the sound interrupted by a burst of static? electrical appliances such as hair dryers or power drills sometime may interfere with your television when both appliances are in use at the mean time. Make sure that your sensitive electronic appliances are attached to surge protectors and power conditioners can decrease this circumstances very much and keep your electronic devices working appropriately.

Buzzing From High-Voltage Power Lines

The buzzing sound comes from high-voltage power lines is due to the release of energy that happens when the electrical field power on the surface of conductor is larger than the strength of breakdown of the air near the conductor.

This mostly occur in rainy weather when wetness in the air extend conductivity or often at high voltage. The noise does not create any danger to the surrounding people.

When To Be worried About Electrical Noise

You don’t have to worry about the buzzing sound that comes from the electrical devices because it is usual. However If you hear loud sounds, or hear crackling, then unplug the electrical appliances quickly and have it examined by a professional electrician in Karachi. If your home florescent lighting has currently started humming sound, the light bracket may require to be replaced.

Take extra care of your circuit breaker panel. loud humming sound means there’s something wrong with wiring or a circuit breaker. Do not try to fix the problem by yourself because it may be dangerous, always consult with professionals to fix these issues.

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