Common Signs Of A Faltering Home Electrical System

Common Signs Of A Faltering Home Electrical System

If your house is very old so the problems can happen in electrical system. Some electrical problems show warning signs to tell you that it needs your observation. Electricity is a dangerous thing to interfere with if you don’t know how to deal with it. If you find any sign, you should not overlook otherwise it may grow bad and become a technical hazard.

Everyone should know the signs of electrical issues in order to address any problem and stop it from developing into a safety risk which could lead to injury or damage. If you are qualified, you may do the troubleshooting yourself otherwise you should contact with online electrician service Karachi to avoid accidents that could lead to serious injuries.

The most common signs your electrical system may show if it has some problems, are as follows:

A Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

If something goes wrong with the electrical system, circuit breakers may trip. It allows the breaker to power off the power supply to avoid damages. Circuit breaker trips due to age of the breaker and overloaded circuit.
Infrequently trips are not a warning sign as those could have been triggered by simple overloads mainly if you are using many appliances at the same time. Plugging the appliances into another circuit can solved this problem. You should consult a electrical contractor in Karachi, If the tripping occurs regularly.

Mild Electrical Shocks

When you touch an appliance and you fell tingling sensation, it could be caused by a faulty electrical wiring. When you cross a carpeted surface and the shock happens, it is not a cause for concern. Beside this if any electrical shock occur in your home, you should have those checked to prevent accidents.

Hot Ceiling Fixtures

Check the areas of ceiling where light fixtures are placed for increased temperature. Electrical issues could be caused by the heat from badly insulated fixtures. A fixture can also overheat if the bulb you placed in it exceeds its maximum recommended wattage. The buildup of heat could lead to a fire.

Flickering Lights

When your light bulb is loose or defective, it cause flickering. To eliminate the problem, Replace the bulb. The issue could be in the fixture itself, If the flickering persists.


If you detect a burning smell from a switch or outlet, you should turn your electrical panel off at once and call electrician to inspect your electrical system and conduct necessary repairs. Electrical fire that’s just starting to develop, start by a burning smell. This sign warned you. By ignoring it you can lead to serious damage or injury. Sure indication of an electrical problem are warm electrical outlets. Do not plug anything into a warm receptacle until the problem has been discovered and resolved.

If your home electrical system is showing any of the above signs, you should have it inspected by an experienced electrician in Karachi.

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