Most Common Causes of Main Drain Line Problems

Most Common Causes of Main Drain Line Problems

In houses, all the drains are connected with the drain line to the sewer system. If its damaged so it make your life uncomfortable. Your toilet items like shower, sinks, and toilets can slowly drain or back up. Your affected area may smell badly. You may even evolve a sinkhole. In this article we are going to discuss most common causes you may need drain line repair.


Even though when galvanized steel piping used in plumbing it can last for many years, galvanized steel is not used for the sewer line. Clay pipe, plastic, or cast iron are used for the construction of main drain line. Clay pipe and plastic are not susceptible to corrosion. On the other hand, cast iron can destroy. When a sewer line is damaged badly, plumbing service company suggest to replace the drain line.

Pipe Erosion

Pipe erosion occurs on the pipes, inside and outside, as it wears down. This makes the pipe walls thin and then leads to cracks and leaks. Moving water will damage the inside of the pipe and cause the pipe erosion on the inside of the drain. Debris will damage the pipes faster. As one of the material is solid and other is liquid that’s why damage will occur.

Pipe erosion can also damaged the pipe from outside. As drain pipe is surrounded by soil so it damaged the outside of the pipe, mostly when it is under pressure.

Leaks can develop when the pipes start to destroy. As a result it can leave the yard smelling bad and after sometime it can erode the soil causing a smelly sinkhole to form. These issues can be fix by drain line repair without involving a full-blown drain line replacement.

Soil Subsidence

Soil resolve over time. Due to water flows, soil also erodes. A sewer line can sink,when the soil supporting a drain line subsides. Due to gravity, water flows through main lines. It means that a sinking drain line will back up. Furthermore, wastewater can gather where the drain line sinks, leading to rusting.

Sagging drain lines will naturally lead to drain line repair or replacement. Beside these issues that sagging brings, drain lines are not deliberate to withstand the stresses related with sagging. Time by time sagging can lead to cracking.


Drain lines can become blocked with substances that goes under the drains, either intentionally or fortuitously. Kitchen grease is the main culprit. Putting kitchen grease down the drain leads to a similar condition to arteriosclerosis in which the body arteries are clogged due to cholesterol. The kitchen grease inside the drain pipe can cause a blockage.


Growing tree roots around a sewer line can discover cracks and seams in the line and break it open, cause leaking and backing up. For that purpose, plumbers used hydrojetting method to clean the clogged or slow sewage lines.

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