How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

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How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

How To Choose Interior Paint Colors

Deciding what colors to paint your interior walls is not easy. You have to live with your decision so you want to ensure that you get it correct. Interior paint colors have more to do with your personal preferences, than what the relative think. However if you are selling your home so you may want to stick to neutrals because potential homeowners are not scared off by your color choices.

If you want to get it correct for the first time then read some tips for choosing interior paint colors.

Think About Decor And Furniture

If your decor and furniture are staying put so consider those colors that compliment them. It’s simple to choose a paint color to go with decor and furniture than the some other way around. Your furniture give you a basis for the range of colors you can go for.

A dark blue couch will demand a neutral color for the walls, while a beige lounge suite means you can go bolder on your walls.

Create A Mood Board

Do not just go to paint shop and expect the perfect color to leap out at you. You need to do research. Social sites such as pinterest are effective for collecting images of rooms with paint color of walls you like. After that you have collected around many and you will have a good feel for the colors you are drawn to.

If In Doubt, Go With Neutrals

There is nothing boring about neutral home paint colors. neutrals colors can be the best wall paint colors if you are putting your home on the market. Grey neutral tones or warm white give buyers a base to swap out furniture with bright fabrics and patterns and introduce accessories with vibrant colors

Painting all the walls white might be seem clinical however it is about what you feel comfortable with. If you have modern home then this might suit the aesthetica and look attractive.

Use Tester Pots

Tester pots are your loyal friends. Buying a sample of color which you have choosen lets you see how it looks on the walls without buying drumps of wrong color. Paint colors look different when they dried. How the color look at the day time and in different in lights might shock you.

Use Interior Decorator Rules

A grade recipe for decorating is to use bright colors on floors, medium colors on walls and dull colors on ceilings. Another thing to remember, use the color ratio of 60 – 30 – 10 to make balance.

Interior decorators will often ask home owners what colors they like to dress in. It makes sense to then dress your rooms in colors that you like to wear.

Paint Sheen Can Make A Difference

A soft luster you choose for your paint color is also necessary. A semi-gloss enamel on lounge walls will show up minor flaws however ideal for kitchen and bathrooms as marks are wiped off easily. If in doubt then take suggestion from paint service company, they recommend you the best sheen for your place.

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