The Dos And Don’ts Of Changing Your Car’s Tires

The Dos And Don’ts Of Changing Your Car’s Tires

You should not ignore a punctured or a shredded tire of your car. If you not concentrate on repairing or replacing your tires, you may experience a tire bust at any time on the road. These accidents can put the lives of your family in danger on the road. Changing car’s tire can be a easy task. But most of the times, we don’t have the necessary tools or the experience to change our tires safely. While changing your tires, you should remember some vital dos and don’ts of changing your car’s tires.

Dos of Changing Car’s Tires

When you are replacing your tires, you should do some important things which are:

Changing Tires In An Open Space

In a large open space you can easily use your tools and also move around. If you have a large garage so you can change your tires in there. But if you don’t have large space so it is effective to take your car to an automotive services company in Karachi that can change the tires easily and conveniently.

Placement Of The Jack

Cars are made differently based on the manufacturer and model. It is important that you know where the jack needs to be positioned. Take a look at car manual before you start changing your car’s tires so that you know where the car jack needs to be placed. Ensure that the jack is placed properly so it doesn’t slip off.

Use An Appropriately Sized Jack

If you have small standard-sized cars, a one-and-a-half ton jack will perform the trick. But if your car is mid- to large-sized, this jack will not cut it. Make sure you get a three-ton floor jack for larger cars.

Apply Brakes

Do not forget to apply the brakes on your car, or it may move while you a replacing your tires. This can cause serious injuries.

Don’ts Of Changing Car’s Tires

Here are some of the things you need to avoid when changing car’s tires:

Don’t Loosen The Nuts After Jacking Your Car

When you jack up your car and then try to loosen the nuts, your tire will simply spin in the air and the nuts won’t come loose. The right method is to loosen the nuts when the tires are on the ground to get the needed friction.

Don’t Tip Your Car To One Side

The most dangerous thing you can do is to tip your car on the side and balance it with a couple of jacks. Tipping your cars at dangerous angles just to replace a tire is a definite no-no. It’s not worth risking your life. If you don’t know how to change car tires, get them changed from car mechanic.

Don’t Rely On Your Jack

Do not depend on the jack while working under a car. There have been a lot of injuries and death due to ill-manufactured jack stands that collapsed during inopportune moments.

Don’t Install Dry Nuts

Your wheel nuts are properly greased before you tighten them in place. Water and differing temperature can make the nuts to rust. A small amount of anti-seize or penetrating lubricant on each nut can stop issues in the future.

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