How To Professionally Build A Vertical Garden

How To Professionally Build A Vertical Garden

For many homeowners, vertical gardening can be a very interesting job. When you don’t have large horizontal space, you can build vertical garden. Vertical garden can give an additional coating of insulation, keeping homes cool, maintain the air quality and reducing noise pollution.

Choose A Vertical Garden Style

Vertical gardening is different from horizontal gardening. You can use attractive things to build it like, wood, pallets, containers and many more. All of the options have their benefits and drawbacks which have to be taken into mind based on the flowers you want to plant. You can always consult a landscape companies in Pakistan who will give you the most important tips.

Decide On Plants

You should decide on the plants you want to have in your vertical garden. You can grow any type of plants. But, you want them to grow vertically with their flexibility. For instance, for vertical garden, herbaceous plants are the best plants and are more acceptable than woody ones. They are also more flexible because they grow downwards due to soft, green stems. On the other hand, trees, shrubs or vines will just stick out because they have inflexible stems.

Choose The Place

The important thing that you should consider is the sun exposure for your vertical garden. Furthermore, in summer you can always hang your plants outside, and in winter bring them inside. You can start building your vertical garden when you find out how your plants can grow better.

Construct The Structure

It’s right time to construct the structure where your plants will be growing. Relying on the method, it can be made of attractive things. A construction for vertical gardening composed of three layers.

For the frame, use PVC pipes. You can also use metal, which will contain additional weight and cost. And wood, needs extra maintenance against water.

Use plastic sheet and attach it to the frame. It will remain the water off the vertical garden wall.

Join the fabric to the frame. This fabric will transfer water and will be the spot where your plants will grow. Basic felt carpet padding can keep water without rotting. Keep away from wrinkles while doing attaching.

Attach An Irrigation System

As vertical gardens depend on less soil that’s why they require more care and watering. If the wall is large, so the drip irrigation system need more attention. You have many choices for vertical gardening systems. The drip system can be complex with pipes and timers that you can purchase from planters having tiny holes in the base for water to leak down. You require a speedy flow of water for 10-15 seconds. It depends on the condition of weather, and your plants requirement. You can put a flower bed under the vertical garden to use the extra water due to overflow.

Have Some Extra Plants

It is difficult to maintain a vertical garden. Some plants will die out, however it does not mean that you are not taking care. You can always keep some more plants to plug in the holes left from the dead ones. This process is simple for container-style design where there is some extra place between the separate plants.

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