Some Common Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid

Some Common Air Conditioning Mistakes To Avoid

Although the function of air conditioner is pretty simple, air conditioners are fairly complex machines that rely on several components to work properly. As such, even a small mistake can have large consequences for the AC unit and thus your home comfort. Below are some common air conditioning mistakes to avoid.

Improperly Sized Systems

Bigger air conditioners is not always better. A big air conditioner will always switch on and off, leading to unsuccessful usage of power and uncomfortable temperature changes. Absolutely, a small air conditioner is just as difficult, without having sufficient capacity of cooling, your unit will damage itself quickly and also fail to keep your home as comfortable as it could.

If you want to buy a new air conditioner, make sure your contractor does a complete calculation of load to find how much cooling capacity your home needs exactly. By taking other load-generating appliances into account, your AC technicians in Karachi can determine your home’s cooling load and suggest perfectly sized air conditioner to meet that cooling need.

Incorrect AC Positioning

The position of your unit has related to its energy efficiency. While we feel convenient to put our large HVAC system in that corner which is not in used, that positioning will make the machine to cool your home completely. Instead, put the air conditioner at shady area, it gets less sunlight, the less power it will need to cool your home. Keep in mind that window-mounted air conditioners should also be tilted back slowly to allow for proper drainage. Make sure the thermostat is positioned away from those appliances that create heat, if the thermostat gets too hot, it may incorrectly control your air conditioner.

Not Running AC At All

Shutting down your air conditioner during stretches is a best idea, however that idea can be taken too long. If you are going on vacation or anywhere for long period and your home is going to be vacant, do not shut off the air conditioner and assume it to be perfectly working when you come back. While your air conditioner sits lazy, mold may crawl in, and the condition of your unit may worsen. Try to run the unit every day for at least a few minutes to secured your indoor air quality.

Not Changing The Air Filter

The important part of every air conditioner is air filter that helps to remove dust and debris from the air that passes through the system. After some months these air filters become filled with dirt as a result unit can’t do its job. Unclean air filters can decrease the efficiency of system and also cause freezing problem.

If your air conditioner contain a reusable filter, then rinse it with cold water and dry completely before putting it back in the unit. Trying to remove the air filter can damage its fine surface of dust-trapping. If you need to replace your air filter, contact a split AC service in Lahore to find replacements that fit your unit exactly.

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