5 Common Reasons Why Your Car Doesn’t Start

5 Common Reasons Why Your Car Doesn’t Start

Whether you take your car out occasionally or on a daily basis, it is the part of your life. Some like to travel by car to their office while some love going out on a long drive with the friends and family. In our lives, their are many things that seem easy with a car at home. However what happen if you are ready to go out and your car doesn’t start? if you are in a hurry then this is nothing less than a nightmare.

There could be many reasons why your car won’t start, however some of them are most common than others. Clearly, the best way out is to consult online car mechanic Karachi but sometimes it doesn’t seem easy. Below are the most common ones that make your car dead along with the tips to overcome them.

Dead Battery

Dead battery is the main reason behind a dead car. Because battery provides electricity to the car motor as a result it runs the engine, any issue with the battery might affect the ignition system of the car.

When you run the car, ensure that your car’s battery gets charged. So, if you haven’t taken your car out for long, the battery might get dead and your car won’t start.

Some causes behind a dead battery are as follows:

Your headlight was left for too long or overnight.
Wires may not connected properly.
The water inside the component disappeared, causing poor conductivity.
The battery has finished its lifetime.

If you even face above conditions then jump-start your car. If it start, it means your battery is dead or alternator may be the reason behind it. Replace the battery or alternator at an automotive services company in Karachi.

Defective Ignition Switch

If your car battery is OK, however your car doesn’t turn over on the first few tries, you might have a problem with the ignition switch. You can confirm this by switching on the lights of your car. If the lights get on but ignition doesn’t work, then the main culprit is a bad ignition switch.

Defective Starter

Your car would not start due to faulty starter. A starter is a electrical motor that is connected to the battery. Its main task is to run the engine when you switch on the ignition. The job of starter’s is to start the engine. If there is any defect in starter, the engine will not properly work or may not work at all while turning on the ignition key. If the starter is broken or weakened then you hear a clicking noise while starting your car.

Some common symptoms include:

When the ignition key is switched on, car is not working.
When turning the ignition key, clicking sound comes however the engine does not crank.
Your car produces heavy noise when trying to start

Blocked Fuel Filter

It’s easy, if the lines of fuel are blocked, the fuel won’t be able to reach to the engine. Keep in mind that your car’s fuel filters should be changed every 15,000 to 20,000 kilometers so get them changed when necessary.

Low Gas

One of the most common and sensible reasons why your car won’t start. Refill your gas tank When driving for long because some people forget to refill gas tank. The simple solution to this problem is to get more gas in your gas tank so that your car get start.

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