Common Headlight Problems And How To Fix Them

Common Headlight Problems And How To Fix Them

When you are driving especially at night, headlights are important for your safety. Headlights do not cause any car problem. But, when it fails or not work properly so you should take it very seriously. A responsible driver not wants to be on the road at night with headlights failures. In this article you can find common headlight problems with suggestions for possible fixes:

One Headlight Doesn’t Work

If only one headlight isn’t working, then this is most likely because the bulb has burnt out. In order to fix this problem, you should replace the burnt bulb with the new one and the headlight should work as usual. It’s always better to check the other one as well when you replace the burst one. If one bulb has pass away, the other might also go out soon. To avoid problem, you should consider replacing both headlights at a time.

Flickering Headlights

Headlights may flicker due to many causes. The most common reason is internal wiring. The bulbs may not be connected properly with the vehicles or it could be brocking. Headlights may flicker because accessories that consume high power, such as stereo systems, can draw power away from the headlights.

You should first get your car checked out by a automotive service company in Karachi to identify the right problem. Easy fixes such as correctly connecting the bulbs to the car could potentially solve the problem.

Anti-flickering headlights can also be used in your vehicles. These bulbs are specialized with built-in mechanisms to decrease the risk of flickering.

Dull Headlights

Dull headlights are the result of two problems. Whether there is a problem with headlight bulbs or it’s the headlight cover.

Check the headlight cover for yellowish color or haziness. Cloudy headlight covers are usual and this happen when the UV sealant on the covers wears off. The covers becomes oxidized, when exposed to sunlight.

If you want to brighten up cloudy headlight covers, then wash them with soap and water and polish it with toothpaste to remove the oxidation.

If the headlight bulb create problem, consider replacing it. It’s better to change old halogen lights with LED bulbs because they are more brighter and long lasting.

Headlights Flicker When Driving

While driving, if flickering occurs, especially on broken roads, is caused by a poor connection. That means your headlights are not properly attached to the car.

However you can easy fix this issue. detach the lens covers and tighten the bulbs. Be sure that the wires are in order. Flickering issues are caused by kiking. Let the wiring checked out by professional automotive service in Lahore to make sure the poor connection isn’t caused by a physical problem. Mostly headlight problems are caused by bulbs issues. Keep in mind that your car has dependable, high-quality headlight bulbs that installed properly .

You can apply DIY fixes for minor headlight problems. If your headlights aren’t working properly so do not create panic. Go through the list to see if your problem has an simple, at-home solution.

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